All of us want to succeed in life. Who doesn’t want to earn more money? Everyone likes appreciation for their work, a good raise, and a timely promotion. But some of us are beyond that. We just love our work and we love it to an extent that we start getting obsessed with it.

There is no problem with working hard or loving your work, but do you see signs of any deep attraction to your work?

  1. Do you keep checking your emails? 

A few years ago, Office emails used to be on the computer only and you had to bid a goodbye to them every time you left office. Then with time, you were given laptop so that you stay connected. And now you have an app in your phone so that you are never off the radar and can respond all the time.

The way people check their facebook and twitter, Do you keep checking your office emails?  It is quite a common thing to do. People feel the inner compulsion to check the email app – in the evenings, while driving, while eating, on a vacation and even those few moments when they get up at night for using the washroom. Who is going to email you at midnight?

Sounds familiar?

2) You volunteer to work even when it is not required 

  • Your boss wanted someone to work on an initiative but with a short deadline, you were the first one to raise your hand.
  • A very tedious file was to be completed and you were supposed to give it to a junior in your team, but you decided to do it yourself. Who will waste time in explaining him? I can use that time to complete it myself.
  • For some work, the boss asked you to visit the office at the weekend. You agreed quickly without even asking the reason for urgency

There are many such instances where you took the workload when it could be distributed in the team. Are these the traits you exhibit?  Seems like, you are a workaholic

3) You think about work, even when you are not working

When we step out of the office, our time is our personal time. We can utilize it for enjoying with family, meeting friends, eating out, cultivating a hobby or simply reading a book. Not to mention binge watching your favorite TV series.

But amidst all this, there are moments when you are not in that moment. Your mind travels somewhere else – towards your work.

The file that you need to submit the next day, ‘what will the boss think? ‘, ‘how should I make that presentation’, ‘I think this new idea is good’ and so on…

This is all that revolves in your mind. Half of your tough challenges at work are actually solved by you when you are eating, driving or taking a shower. You are in a pseudo office all the time.

Is that you? Hi, Workaholic.

4) You strive for Perfection

When you work, you don’t care about the hard work or the time that goes into it. You want the output to be perfect. It doesn’t matter if it is getting late or if it’s a weekend. You send the file out only when you are completely satisfied by your output.

On top of that, you eyeball the work of your juniors just to make sure that everything is right. Things have to pass through your eyes.

You never realize how much extra time you are spending on the tasks that are already done. Is this a habit ingrained in you?

5) Your work drives you 

Your work gives you happiness. Everytime you solve a tough problem or write a complex logic, you congratulate yourself mentally. Whether you like your job or not but you like the work that you do. You do it from your heart because you love it, because you love working.

Is it true for you? If yes, then Do I really need to tell you that you are a workaholic?

Congratulations!!   or “Oh that’s bad.”   depending on what type of workaholic you are.

I am not saying that it is good or bad. It depends from person to person. If it gives you happiness and fuels you, what’s wrong in that?

But if you ignore your loved ones and are just chasing a never- ending race, then you need to rethink.




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