Vacations are meant to see places, roam around and have fun. People pick their vacation destinations based on their interest. Some prefer avenues for hiking and adventure sports, while others pick a calm beach. Children love theme parks and Fashion divas gravitate towards shopping hubs. But If you are a bookworm, I am sure all you care about is reading – even at a vacation.

For me, vacation is all about reading. If that is the case with you too, then below are some vacation ideas that are ideal for a reading experience.

  1. Oceanfront Beach Resort

When you open your eyes in the morning, you can see a vast stretch of ocean from your bed. You get up, prepare a cup of coffee and open the door to the balcony. The moment you open that glass door, a sweet cold breeze starts wafting through your hair. You can feel the calmness of the ocean and can hear the faint sound of the waves. You sit down on a comfy chair with your favorite book in your hand. Isn’t that heaven?

Ocean Facing Room at Myrtle Beach


We all visit beaches, but mostly they are crowded and the noise can bother you. If you want to read, pick up a beach that is less crowded. An oceanfront resort will have its private beach, you won’t feel any unnecessary disturbance and can relax and unwind.

While your family can enjoy their beach activities, you can enjoy your book. Moreover, you can be at the beach all day. At such resorts, I prefer a sea facing room because if it is hot outside during the day, I can still enjoy the view and my book.

If you have sufficient budget, then book an ocean facing room. During the day, if it is hot outside, you can still enjoy the view from your room and can read. Such rooms are expensive, so you should pick a beach that is not famous. eg: If you try an oceanfront room in Miami, that will be extremely expensive. I tried Myrtle Beach and booked in advance to get a good deal. There are many similar beaches that you can try.

Try this once, I am sure you won’t regret the money you will splurge.

Enjoying the Sunrise from Balcony


2. A Cabin in the Woods

Most national parks or mountains ranges have cabins or cottages that are available for rent. These are individual houses that have multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, private balcony. Some of them even have a private pool and jacuzzi also. Most of these are old style and made of wood, or at least have a wooden finish to give you the feel of it.

Cabin in the Woods

These places are best for a reading vacation because of the serenity. The only sound that you can hear is the chirping of the birds. The area around is covered with green foliage, and vibrant flowers welcome you everywhere. Another advantage is that such places are sometimes devoid of any network coverage, which simply means that you get a break from checking your office emails, Facebook or other social media addictions. A perfect getaway where you have yourself and just your book.


3. A Lake House

There are many lake houses that are personal properties and some of these are available on rent. Pick such a peaceful location and spend the weekend there. Now you will ask me that I just covered the oceanview, what’s the difference here. It is just a different water body. But believe me, the experience is different. Lakes are calm and provide peace to the mind. At a beach, you will find many people but a Lakeside house is your personal pace. You can comfortably sit under the shade of a tree and can sip the delicious wine with your favorite book in your hand.

Lakes are calm and provide peace to the mind. At a beach, you will find many people but a Lakeside house is your personal space. You can comfortably sit under the shade of a tree and can sip the delicious wine with your favorite book in your hand. The sky will keep changing colors and will reflect the beauty in the water

4. Picturesque Skyscrapers

Reading a book in the lap of nature is a soothing experience but can you find similar pleasure in a city? The answer is – Yes, if you get a wonderful view.


New York at Night


I was on the 18th floor in a hotel in New York. My window was a glimpse of a vibrant life. The tall buildings, their colorful light-studded windows, and a radiating glow is appealing to the mind. Sit quietly near the window and read your favorite book. It is a wonderful experience to be lost in two worlds – the one outside and the one inside your book.

New York is not the only city, there are many cities with such breath-taking views.




5. A Heated Glass Igloo

Honestly speaking, I have not tried this. But it is on my bucket list.

If you are living in a cold place and experience snow every year, you are lucky. Just sit by your window, watch the vast sheet of shimmery white snow and sip a cup of hot coffee. It is a perfect avenue for reading.

Heated Igloo in Finland
Image credits: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

But if you don’t experience snow at home in winters, then you can go for a vacation to a place engulfed in snow and witness this pleasure. I want to visit a heated glass igloo, this seems a tempting place – perfect for delving into a book. But I guess it is too expensive. Maybe, some day 🙂

Did you take any such reading vacation? Share your experiences in the comments below.



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