Everyone wants to be successful in life. There are many motivational and self-help books that give you steps to succeed. But do they work?

We all know that Success is not easy. But what is Success?

Some measure success by their wealth and others measure it by their designation. Apparently, a Vice President of the company is more successful than a programmer. Right?

Well, No. Success varies from person to person. When you see a dream, and you achieve it – That is success. Every person has a different goal, a different desire. Hence, success has a different definition for each one of us.

Are you successful? Only you have the answer to that. Do not see it through the lens of others.

To feel the happiness of success, you need some goal. Below are a few steps, if you follow them, you surely can achieve your goal.

  1. Imagine yourself achieving your goal

Don’t laugh. It really works. If you want to become a singer, imagine yourself singing in front of a huge audience. If your dream is to get some award, imagine yourself receiving that award. Live that moment in your thoughts. Because that will intensify your desire to achieve it.

So, the first step towards achieving anything is to have a burning desire. If you don’t have that, then don’t read the next four steps. Only a desire converts into a goal, and a goal converts into success.

2. Plan with Timelines

Any dream without a deadline is just a dream. This is a very common saying, but it is true. You have to actually pick up a paper and write your steps, along with a tentative date when you will complete them.

I wanted to learn English grammar so that I could write better blogs. It was a wish, until one day I picked up a piece of paper. I listed down all the chapter names and pasted it on a wall. I kept marking the chapters I studied. This little piece of paper was in front of my eyes all the time and it showed me how much I was lagging behind the set schedule. Very soon, I finished the task. My wish turned into an achievement. My little personal success.

So, you can quickly achieve your goal if you draw a timeline. Try it out.

3. Stay Motivated

When you read a book, you stay motivated for a while and try to chase your dream. But then after a while, life comes to normal. Motivational quotes are really helpful to pump you up. You can take a few print outs and paste them on a nearby wall, door or your desk. They really help. But your eyes will get bored soon. So, you need to keep replacing them.

The idea is to get motivation. It can be from other sources – TV, you tube, facebook groups or even a close friend. Stay with Like-minded people, who have a similar dream.

But why do you need Motivation? So that you don’t give up. It is very easy to give up when the task is tough.

4. Avoid Distractions

Everyone has 24 hours a day. But some people are successful and some are not. It is just how you utilize your time.

If you pick up a book to study for exams, a facebook notification can eat up your time. You pick up the phone for just one second but end up holding it for at least ten minutes. Sounds familiar? Chunks of such ten minutes amount to an hour and then many hours.

Earlier, TV was the only distraction for people. But these days, phone is the biggest competitor of TV. How do you avoid such distractions? By not giving yourself that one second to check a notification in the first place.

This requires some discipline. And hence the toughest step of all.

5. Believe in yourself

If you want to be a swimmer but you are afraid of water. Will that work?  If you want to be a scientist but are reluctant to study scientific formulas, will that work?

One can achieve something only if he/she is comfortable with it. It is important to know your limits and then decide a goal or learn to overcome your fears.

It is very important to believe that you can achieve it. Nothing is impossible and everyone is equally capable. So, go for it!





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