Eat, Pray, Love is a fabulous book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is her memoir. If you are a girl and ever had a breakup, this one is a must read. It is about finding yourself while struggling with emotions and life.

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In the book, The girl Liz is not happy in her marriage. She loves her husband but there is something that is missing in her life, that she tries to seek. She takes a divorce and decides to travel around the world with the purpose of finding herself. She visits 3 countries. Italy to eat, India to pray and Indonesia where she finds love. That is the title of the book. This book is very inspirational, that made it a bestseller. There is a movie also with the same name starring Julia Roberts.

Many people love this book, but an equal number dislike it. 20% readers hated it, 25% are indifferent and the rest love it.

Why is this variation? Because this book may not appeal to everyone equally. If you ever had a breakup in life, you could relate to the emotions easily and may tend to like it.

To find herself, Liz visits Italy where she focusses on eating delicious food. This segment describes Italy in detail. You cannot visualize those places easily through the book. Also, in this Italy sections, she rants a lot about her life and depression. So, a normal reader can feel bored, this seems like a monologue. People who can relate to it, find this rant tolerable. If you pass the Itay section, you will reach an Ashram in India in the second part. In this section, she talks about spirituality. The problem here again is that everyone cannot relate to spirituality or can understand what the author is talking about. I loved reading this section, not because I believed in it but because it was new for me. You can explore what happens in an Indian Ashram and what do they teach, in this section. Spirituality can change you as a person, this fact is highlighted in the book.

In the third section, Liz visits Bali. You can fall in love with the beautiful Bali through her book. She spends time with a medicine man and understands the power of healing, makes a friend who is a doctor but is poor to afford a home, and also falls in love. The character here is not very well explained, so you won’t fall in love with the guy along with Liz. But it is a good happy section of the book.

This book is inspirational and has some really good lines that can be used as life quotes. I loved the book.

2. Reader Reviews (Goodreads summary)

Why Readers love this book?

  • Her style is pretty easy to get into and it gets very personal
  • It is a memoir and the author is very courageous and honest
  • This book is a spiritual journey, it is so well-explained that you can almost feel what the author is feeling. Her feelings and thoughts come alive
  • Loved the way she handled her divorce and the book ends on a positive note
  • Loved the explanations of various places she visited
  • Readers laughed and cried while reading the book. It is so emotionally captivating.
  • Author has explained her search of physical and spiritual fulfillment in such a brave manner.
  • Most readers say – Every woman should read it. And every man should read it too, to better understand women
  • A reader wrote – This book came into my life when I most needed it, it offered me a hand through some really difficult times. Many can relate to the book easily
  • Liz teaches us how to enjoy life through the simple everyday things – even eating, she teaches us to face reality and accept it, and also to experiment new things and welcome change
  •  Loved that the chapters are structured like a japa mala with 108 sections. Very fulfilling read

Why Readers hate this book?

  • Liz seems selfish, self-absorbed, self-congratulating and needy.
  • The book is full of rambling, whining and monologues. Quite difficult to reach the end
  • Liz gave a vague reason for her divorce. She had a loving husband, a good house, a good job and a fancy lifestyle. She gave this all up to find herself. What else did she want?
  • She hated her husband but did not give any convincing reasons for readers to believe that
  • She was running away from love and in the end, she fell in love. It did not make sense to most readers when there was no fault shown in her husband.
  • Some parts of book are really boring
  • There are no lessons learned from the book because you cannot repeat what she did. not everyone has the money to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia
  • She spent her time in Indonesia feeling superior to the natives
  • Gilbert has the emotional maturity of an insecure teenage girl. In Eat Pray Love, she comes off as completely self-centered
  • The constant complaints, drama, victim mentality, whining, and blaming are intolerable

3. Scribbled Post Ratings

a) Story  – 2/5    There is no story as such. It is just a memoir of one year

b) Concept – 5/5  It is a really good and creative concept of self-discovery.

c) Engaging – 3/5  It is not very engaging. There are many sections filled with rambling and monologue.

d) Writing Style – 4/5  Writing Style is Good and you can easily connect with it

e) Difficulty Level – Low  (It is not difficult to read. Very simple construction and easy words. You won’t require a dictionary at hand for frequent word lookup)

Let me know if you enjoyed the Review. If you want me to Review any other Book in this format, Please comment below and I will post a Review soon.



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