A Book Review helps you decide which book you should pick next. There are a million books in the market, you cannot read them all.

The Book Reviews on this Website are different from Reviews that you see elsewhere. Generally, A Review will give you opinion of the person who writes that review. Every person is different, and so is their liking. You may not like what others like or vice versa. Opinions vary from person to person. So, why should you depend on one person’s thoughts to decide whether you want to read the book or not?

Here, at Scribbled Post, we give you a variety of Opinions. We source our views from the readers who use the popular website called Goodreads.

Below is the format of our review

  1. Blogger’s Opinion
  2. Goodreads Opinion

What people at Goodreads think about the book. Those who loved the book, Why did they love it? Those who hated the book, why did they hate it?  We read all those reviews, and provide a conclusion to you, thus saving your time

Knowing all this will help you in getting to a fair conclusion. Eg. A person can give a 1-star rating to a book just because the grammar was bad, but if you really don’t care about it, you should not believe that rating

3. Scribbled Post Ratings (apart from Goodreads or Amazon Overall Rating)

Some Books have a good story but not well-written. Some are famous but are boring to read. So an overall rating on Goodreads or other websites tells you nothing about the book. So, We have a different way of rating books based on below categories.

a) Story – Was it a Good Story and had some twist that swept you off your feet

b) Concept – Was the Concept new?  (eg: was it a cliched Sci-Fi where you are trying to save earth from aliens)  New creative concepts get a high rating here

c) Engaging – Was the Novel Gripping or were you bored while reading some segments?  (Some famous Novels are actually boring to read, so this category helps)

d) Writing Style – This section is for those Avid readers who care for the writing style and love well-written novels.

e) Difficulty Level – Many authors use tough words and complex sentence structure. You have to keep a dictionary handy to understand it. In this category, we do not give a rating but classify the difficulty as Low, Medium and High Level.  Some readers prefer simple books, and some prefer books from where they can learn new words. Hence, this category will give you a clear picture.

These categories help you decide based on what matters to you. You can pick your next read wisely, rather than judging a book by just a single rating or a single opinion.

(This Review Structure is a copyright of ScribbledPost.com.  Hence, Please do not use it on your personal website)



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