Being Practical

Secretly he wished she'd ask him to stay, "I understand you must go," she said, looking far away. Being practical cost them love. -- By Charmi Dharod


When you've got troubles, Time has the key. Price for this key is your Patience. -- Mohan Kumar


She: I love you. He: Still? After all these years? She: Always! -- By Charmi Dharod


The feeling of having lost the most of it should be accompanied by the hope of giving a perfect hit By Maitry Shah


Why did it happen to you, you ask yourself. It might take too long to detach yourself from the wound. But no wound is permanent, even the...

You are near and yet so far

You are near and yet so far, But you left an indelible scar. - By Biswajit Baruah  

Why do people prefer Paperback over Kindle?

Recently I wrote a post on Why should you buy a Kindle. The reasons are valid but still, a Booklover tends to get swayed...

Book Review – Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is a fabulous book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is her memoir. If you are a girl and ever had a breakup,...

Book Reviews by Scribbled Post

A Book Review helps you decide which book you should pick next. There are a million books in the market, you cannot read them all. The...

Sci-Fi Authors should avoid this

If you are a big fan of Sci-Fi Novels or Sci - Fi movies, you must have noticed some common elements in these stories....