Do I really need a Kindle? I asked this question many times before I decided to get one. I love the feel of an actual book in my hands, the smell of the paper and the impression of ink. Kindle doesn’t feel like a book! Even then I have a Kindle, this is why.

(Kindle is not the only device, there are many ebook readers – Kobo, Nook etc)

  1. Carry your  Library with you

Do you read multiple books at a time – A fiction and a Non-Fiction together? Do you feel that your bag is too tiny to hold all your books when you are traveling? Kindle is the answer to that. You can carry your entire library with you all the time. Since it is an electronic device, you can read as many books as you want.

Carry your library in your bag
  1. Look up a Word

Sometimes you want to know the meaning of a word and you get lazy to open a dictionary or look up in google. Even if you try that, keeping the book aside for a moment and finding a word breaks the flow of your story. When I am too engrossed in the story, I just deduce the meaning based on context and move on. This is not a good practice. Does this sound familiar to you?

With Kindle, just click on the word and its right in front of you, without the need to break your flow

  1. Buy ‘Out of Stock’ Books

“This book is out of Stock.”   Isn’t it irritating to know that your nearest bookstore is not having the book you need?

Bookstores carry bestsellers and popular books – Books which make them money. But what if you want to read a book of some foreign author, a niche category a vintage book which is out of print. Don’t you feel stuck?  Even if you search online, some books are hard to find. An ebook reader comes to your rescue in such a case. You can easily get any book online in digital format.

  1. Read at Night

Most ebook readers come with an inbuilt light which helps you read in the dark. For Kindle Paperwhite and other latest editions, the light is embedded in the display and your eyes won’t feel any stress. It feels like the words are engraved on an illuminated marble.

Now there is no need to trouble your roommates with a reading light and if you are traveling, your fellow passengers can enjoy their sleep.

  1. Highlight and Search 

In a hard copy, you can easily highlight lines, passages, or important words with a pencil. But later, when you need to find that ‘good quote’ that you highlighted, you forget the page number and keep flipping pages to find it.

Happens with me a lot of times. I am sure you must have faced it too. With Kindle, you can highlight whatever you want and later in the highlights section, you can easily see all your highlights. No need to riff those pages anymore to find what you need.

Hope you understand why I love my Kindle so much. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below

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