All flights allow check-in baggage and cabin baggage. Check-in bags are what you submit to the airline at the counter. They get tagged and are deposited with other luggage. You get it back after your flight.

Cabin bag is a small bag that is allowed on the flight with you. Its dimensions are fixed.

Whenever you have an international flight or a flight with connections, you have to drag this little bag all along. Some people prefer not to carry any additional bag apart from their backpack or laptop bag. For a long stop over, traveling light is preferable. Moreover, with little to carry, you can easily enjoy hanging out at the airport – shopping at your favorite brand or trying new cuisines.

But it is advisable to carry at least some baggage with you. Traveling hands-free is not good. There is a reason to that. Sometimes there is an error in baggage transfer when you take connecting flights. This causes a delay in your baggage and sometimes a lost bag too. And it happens often for some airlines. People take travel insurance to cover this loss, but can you imagine the inconvenience it causes when you reach your destination and have nothing. If you are not carrying even a cabin bag, you will reach your hotel empty handed. People carry just a laptop and phone with them. In the case of a baggage loss, What will you wear? How will you sleep in your jeans?

This is from my personal experience with British Airways at London Airport. They misplaced my baggage and I was carrying just my wallet and electronics with me. I entered my hotel late at night, with absolutely nothing. Not even my toothbrush. I could not go out to shop for clothes as it was night. They delivered the bag to my hotel after 5 days, and I received everything. Nothing was lost or stolen. But I had to buy things from the market. What if I carried some stuff in my cabin baggage?

So, here is a list of items that you must carry with you in your cabin bag if you are having an international flight.

  1. A set of clothes
  2. If you are going on a business visit, you must keep a set of formal clothes for the first day in office
  3. Night wear and Pyjamas
  4. Toiletries – especially toothbrush
  5. Medicines (some over-the-counter medicine to cover for headache or body ache that happens due to flight)
  6. Important documents – Never leave your documents in check-in bag, always carry them with you. If your bag is lost, insurance will cover just the compensation. You won’t get your documents back
  7. Something to eat – Always carry a pack of cookies or energy bar in your check in bag.
  8. A paper with important contacts – In the rare case your phone is lost, you must have the contact number of the person you are visiting, or of someone who can help. You don’t want to be stuck in a foreign nation. (Follow this rule religiously if you are a girl and traveling alone)

I hope this article helped. Did you face any such baggage issues? Comment below


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