He was a figure of exquisite beauty,

A being worshipped by the things below. He stood tall, proud, blinding in all his glory.

No one and nothing dared stare too long, least they be blinded by the sight. He is unparalleled within this vast blue wasteland.

Nothing can compare.

To me, he is the tempting fruit of the forbidden tree, meant to be admired but never touched.

Like Eve however, I am attracted to this forbidden fruit.

I want to possess it like the many nights it has possessed me.

I am simply a toy used to pass time with. Every month I am played with.

On some days I feel loved,

I feel beautiful,

I shine bright silver and glow as I am brought to ecstasy under the onslaught of his golden love.

On days like this we become one entity, inseparable,

entwined so deeply we are impossible to tell apart.

On days like this I am his top priority.

Days like this however, are far and few between.

I enjoy only a few nights of pure bliss being his lover and basking in his light before I’m slowly tossed away.

And like an addict I lay awake in the dead of the night waiting for next months fix.

By Shaii Thompson

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