(Japanese; Meaning: Paradox)


I am here and so are you:

Is it not enough?

And this moment too:

Stored away in a snow-globe,

Should I keep us?

Cause I fear life might happen to us.


And someday I’ll become a dream,

And so will you,

And what we shall leave behind:

Shall be none to few;

So why care for Life, or wait for Death?

They’ll bother us anyway.


And then there are our Imperfections,

Which were two pieces of a jigsaw,

Meant to complete a meaning,

In this universe of ever increasing entropy:

An answer to all your questions,

About our coexistence,

I answer, “It’s because,

We were meant to break rules”

Cause we stagnated the entire fabric itself


An entire universe condensed down

To a single mortal entity: Unfathomable!

And I am lost in contemplation:

Whether to inhabit you,

Or keep you cased away,

Far from the rots of Impurity,

So that it gives me ground.


But then, how can mere Golden bars

Cage away a Being who defies

Universal Laws:

So I let you fly

In the Infinite Blue of my Heart,

And that’s where we end,

And that’s where we start…..


-By Sayan Majumdar

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