A tiny droplet rolled down my cheeks,
as I lay awake and hoped to be granted a wish
A wish to fly high beyond limits,
to cross the unending boundaries without permits.
To heal the wounds of the soldiers dying,
to wipe the tears of the children crying.
To help that girl whose esteem is being torn,
to mend the shacks broken by stones.
To tell the skinny boy who’s sad on being called black
that he’s beautiful without a slack.
To feed the empty stomachs which growl with hunger,
to hear the muffled voices,
to provide us with better choices.
To prevent the felling of trees,
to put an end to bloodthirsty sprees.
To give a ray of hope to the lost mankind,
so that we can come out of the darkness
which has made us so blind.
To make the world free from evil,
to spread the message of peace and goodwill.

— By Madhusmita Rawooth

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