In case you are struggling with the beautiful idea of loving yourself first before loving others, this is the right article for you.

People can preach you that Love yourself, but how? Are there any steps you can follow? Is there something you can do to bring a change? Loving yourself is not similar to loving others. It is not as simple. So, Below are a few points I have outlined

1. Do what you like –                                                                                                 It is the first step in the journey. The reason we give preference to others is that we have a habit of curbing our own preferences. (If you are in that situation or you are a shy, submissive person)  Curbing your preference can be as simple as deciding which channel to watch on TV, to as complex as “Should we move to another city?”, or “Should we have a child?”  In a relationship, opinions of both partners are equally valuable. So, the first step to loving yourself is expressing your likes and then doing them.  I will give you a very common example. Suppose your father doesn’t like carrots and they are favorite of your Mom. I am sure you never saw carrots on your dinner menu at home. Why? Because your mom wanted to cook something that everyone likes. It sounds simple. But what is the harm in cooking it once in a while, just for your own happiness.

2. Give time to yourself –                                                                                             It is very important to spend time with yourself. By that, I mean clearing out your thoughts. All the time, you are busy working or running arounf for chores. But if you sit back and think about your life – What is going on in your life? Are you doing the right things? Do you love your job? what are the things you should improve? Are you happy?   Just thinking about your problems and then finding solutions, will help sort out the tangles in your life.

3. Pamper yourself –                                                                                               You should not wait for others to pamper you and please you. It sometimes becomes a never ending wait. Why should you be dependant on others? You are self-sufficient. So, if you like a gift that was there on the Archies store, and you wished your boyfriend gets it for you. Stop wishing. Go and buy it for yourself. Whenever there is an event in my life such as my birthday or a promotion. I always make it a point to gift something to myself. Though I get gifts from others too, it is always good to love yourself. And gifting is a part of love.

What do I gift myself? An expensive perfume, a handbag or sometimes even that small little teddy in the gift shop, that no one will ever gift me thinking that it is too kiddish for my age. If I desire something, I need to have it. That is pampering. Occasionally, you can go out for shopping with friends, have a girl’s- time-out, go to a spa or anything that pleases you.

4. Invest time in hobbies –                                                                                   Hobbies are an important part of life because they provide relaxation to the mind. They make you feel special. They make you feel that you have some talent, apart from slogging at work each day.  If you start participating in a hobby, you will soon start loving yourself, because it strengthens your esteem.

5. Have a dream –                                                                                                    An abandoned boat in the sea can be swayed anywhere by the wind. Similarly, if your life is directionless, you can be swayed by irrational things easily. Have a passion that leads your path. In a relationship, people who don’t have an aim are generally the ones who depend on their partner. Because they have nothing else to do, they crave for their partner’s company all the time. Someone cannot talk to you 24×7. So, this leads to frustration, especially if you are not having a full-time job. So, have a dream and follow it passionately. It will make you fall in love with yourself.

Do you agree with all these points?  Did I miss anything? Comment below and let me know your views.

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(Featured Image Credits: Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash)


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