Choosing a perfect gift for men is a tough task. Compared to girls, the options for men are limited.  Are you stuck with gifting a Watch, wallet or tie each time and cannot come up with something else?

Here is a list of some awesome gadgets that you can give to your boyfriend, brother, father or anyone dear to you. Some of these are expensive and are for that special occasion when you want to impress the man of your life.

Generally, Men like expensive gifts and they love gadgets (although you may see a few exceptions but most men are like that). So, I have put together a list below that you can use to plan for his next birthday or other occasion where you want to see a smile on his face. And who doesn’t want to hear an appreciation in return?

“What a thoughtful gift”, I am sure he will say this.

(Note: This is not a promotional post. Any brand names used here are the devices I have personally used. Consider them as just an idea of a gift – you can pick the brand you like)

  1. Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo and Google Home are two good smart speakers in Market. These can become a perfect gift because these are interesting gadgets. The voice-enabled speakers can take your commands. You can tell the speakers to play songs, change the song, increase volume etc.

Apart from that, you can ask it any question that you would normally search on Google. I have Amazon Echo (Alexa), The frequent questions I ask are:

  • what is the weather forecast for today? (while getting ready for office)
  • What is the time? (that moment in the morning when you search your phone on the side table and then open your eyes to see the time, I simply ask Alexa without opening my eyes)
  • Calculation – Multiply 1500 with 67?  ( Instead of opening the calculator and typing in, I just ask Alexa)

There are other app integrations also. I am sure, Men will love this gadget

2. Fitness Tracker

Wearable Fitness Devices like Fitbit are fairly common these days. There are many other fitness bands in the market and you can pick one based on your budget. These devices track your physical activity. heart rate and even sleeping patterns. You can analyze the data and improve your fitness. This device is hot among Men and giving it as a gift will be a good surprise for him. It is not just an attractive gift, but a useful gift. I am sure you want him to stay fit.

3. Apple Watch

If you can spend more money, then instead of a Fitness Tracker, gift an Apple Watch. It is a watch plus fitness band. And there is more to it. If you have an iphone, you can get notifications on the watch and can even take calls from the watch. The watch screen can be customized and you can pick the design you like.

I gifted this to my husband, and now he doesn’t need his Fitbit or his watch. His collection of Fossil watches is now locked up somewhere. He just loves wearing the Apple watch all the time.



4. Camera

Is he interested in capturing pictures? Most men love clicking a pic and they do it with their phone. Do you think it is time for him to hone his skills and get a professional camera? If yes, then gift him one. DSLR cameras are expensive. So, if he really needs it and it comes as a gift from you,  Imagine his happiness!

If you are not sure to invest too much, then give him a high-quality point and shoot camera. It is not as good as a DSLR but can serve the purpose.

5. Drone

If your guy is already into photography, and you cannot give him a camera, then think one step ahead. A Drone can be a good option. It can help him take videos from an elevation. There are many varieties of Drones available and the beginner models are not very expensive.

6. Apple TV

If he has an iPhone, then Apple TV can be a good gift. It is a small device that can turn your TV into a smart TV. You can download apps like You tube, Dailymotion etc on your TV or can watch movies from Apple store. You can connect your phone to the TV to view pictures, listen to music, watch videos. It can also mirror your phone screen to the TV. There are other devices like Roku and Chromecast but if you have an

You can connect your phone to the TV to view pictures, listen to music, watch videos. It can also mirror your phone screen to the TV. There are other devices like Roku and Chromecast but if you have an iPhone, then Apple TV is best due to the seamless integration

7. Guitar

Most guys have a fascination with Guitar. If your guy falls into that category, then you can gift it to him. He will be happy and who knows he will compose a good tune for you.

But before giving this gift, you should be sure that he has an interest in music and will be ready to take guitar lessons. You will not like it if the Guitar starts eating a layer of dust.




8. High-quality Headphones

Another gifting option is a good Music device – Earphones, Headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. I have tried Bose earphones (sports edition). They are expensive but the quality is good. My husband was really happy. For Bluetooth speakers, JBL is good.  They are portable and are good for a trip.

9. Object Locators

There are many different object locators available in the market. These are small tiles/ stickers that you can paste on your keys or other objects. I have never used this product, so I cannot give any brand recommendation. But you can easily find many options and they are not very expensive.

These are for people who keep losing their keys, wallet etc within the home and then are in a frenzy every morning.

10. Other Essential Gadgets ( iPad, Phone, Laptop)

Lastly, you can gift the routine gadgets like a phone, iPad or laptop. This is a very common gift but adding it here for the sake of completion.


Hope these ideas are useful to you. Let me know in the comments below.

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