Gone are the times when people fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. We live in a world where breakups are as common as sneezing. Don’t believe me? Think of all your friends, How many of them faced a tormenting breakup? Can you count them on your fingers?

It is sad to witness the agony of your dear friends and listen to their awful stories but it is a completely different to be “That friend” yourself – the one who had a breakup. If you had a breakup or are going through that tormenting phase, you can very well understand this.

It is a state beyond sad. It feels as if there is nothing more left in this world to look forward to. It is that deep dark pit from where you cannot come out.

But Is it possible to come out of it? The Answer is “YES”

There are no definite tips and tricks to soothe yourself but some things can definitely help.

  1. Cry Hard – You must be thinking what am I saying? Am I here to worsen your situation? but trust me, crying really helps. There are some emotions that are build up in your heart and you need to shed them out. Tears are the only passage to dump your feelings out.

2. Surround yourself with friends – Loneliness is the one and only best friend of depression. If you are feeling sad because of a breakup, you won’t like anyone. I am sure you will ignore your family, won’t talk to friends, ditch all plans, bunk college classes or work. You will ty almost everything to avoid facing any person. But just for a day, try staying with your friends. You will feel better. The more you surround yourself with people, the faster you will recover.

Image Credits: Katie Treadway from Unsplash

3. Always remember that there is nothing permanent in life. You don’t like your job, change it. You don’t like your city, take a transfer. You don’t like a friend, stop talking to him. Relationships are no different. People come and go in your life. When one door closes, many open. You never know what comes next. A better world for you. If you are going through a breakup, I am sure these two lines above were soothing. But you will forget them in the next one hour. So, why not print such comforting lines and paste on your wall? Find Inspirational Quotes to stay positive in Life.

4. Don’t lose your self-confidence – Some people think that they were dumped because they were not good enough. Never let any negative thought weaken your confidence. Things happen in life because they don’t work out well. It’s not your fault. Your self-esteem is important to you. You can love someone only if you love yourself.

5. Find yourself and your motive in life – When you are in a relationship, you care about the happiness of another person. You forget what you like and give priority to your lover. When you are single, your life is in your control. What do you want to do, with whom do you want to hang out, where do you want to go, when do you want to get up – You are the decision maker. So, why not live life a little? Pack your bags and go for the much-awaited trip. What about a stay over at your friend’s place or a late night ice cream on the empty streets. There is so much life has to offer. All you need to do is open your eyes and see. Apart from these short-term pleasures, think of your motive in life. What do you want to achieve? Focus on that. A breakup cannot strip away your happiness. Real Happiness can be found at the end of your goal – when you will achieve your dreams.


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