Have you heard of this famous line – “Love yourself, before you love others”

This has become more relevant in today’s world when you are surrounded with betrayal and pain. Earlier, people used to be selfless. They took care of others without demanding anything. Don’t agree?  Think of your Mom.  Especially the ladies of our older generation, listened to their husbands and worked

If you ever noticed the ladies of one generation older, i.e your mothers, aunts, grandmother. They always loved others and served others first, without any question. The entire world was a priority for them, apart from their own desires. This had trickled down over generations and is somewhere imbibed in the girls.

If you are a girl and you have a boyfriend, do you think you can do anything for him? You love him so much that you try to keep him happy so that he stays with you. You can be an exception, but most girls are quite emotional when it comes to love and relationships. This makes them submissive, and dependent. The lover becomes a switch to their happiness. If your boyfriend had a fight with you, you feel that the world has ended and you feel like crying (even for small fights). Are you that person? If yes, then this article is for you.

I am biased here towards girls, but this is applicable for boys too. They can be emotional at times for their partner. The whole idea is that people tend to keep others above themselves, in the name of love. This is actually wrong. Our parents would teach us to be selfless and love others, but times have changed. Earlier there were few breakups or divorces. People stayed with one person their entire life. Now, on an average each teenager has at least one breakup in their lifetime. It is tough to sustain with the old rules now. You have to love yourself first, you have to think about yourself first if you want to sustain this harsh world.

You have to love yourself first, you have to think about yourself first if you want to sustain this harsh world. Do not hand over the keys of your happiness, to someone else. You can have a beautiful long relationship, if you abide by this.

But why is it so? Why should you love yourself?

  1. In case of a breakup, you won’t lose your self-esteem. It would become easy for you to move on because some one else will not be the center of your universe. You will be the center of your own universe
  2. If you always give priority to others, and pay heed to their wishes, while ignoring your own desires (termed as selfless love), this will soon turn into a submissive nature and you will start depending on others, to either validate you or appreciate you
  3. When you give priority to others and keep your desires in the end of your queue, you will start feeling frustrated. If this frustration piles up, you may get fed up of the relationship itself. You will start hating the person when it won’t be their fault.  A very simple example: In a restaurant, if you always pick the dish that your partner likes. You never tell your preference. It is wrong. Though it is a little thing, these small things pile up to create big mountains of frustration.

So, better do what your heart likes. You can take turns to choose your preference. This is just a minor example, but there are many high-impact things that happen in life, which should be sorted out by talking, rather than just agreeing to what your partner says.

Love yourself before you love others. That is the key to a healthy relationship.

But How can you do that? Is there a way? Check it out – How To Love Yourself



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