A life without a dream is a useless life. A dream gives you a reason to move forward. You have something to work towards. To achieve this dream, you set goals.

Your dream can be anything  – to buy a big house, to be a famous personality, to travel the world. If you have a dream, only then you will work for it.

What is a goal? A goal is something that you set for yourself to achieve your dream. eg: if you want to be a famous writer, that is your dream. Your goal will be to publish a book. and your short term goals will be writing, editing, cover designing etc.

Why is it important to have a dream? Because without it, you will become lifeless. You won’t have a path to walk on. Your life will seem meaningless. Suppose, every day you wake up, do your chores and sleep. Won’t you get bored after a short while?

There are many housewives who spend life like this, but then their dream is to make their kids succeed. They nurture their kids and try to teach them everything – from manners to complex math questions. So, they have something to move forward to.

But if you have nothing to look forward to, you will face issues of a weakened self-esteem. You will start feeling depressed. You may even face issues in your relationship because you are somewhere frustrated from inside. If you have a hobby, start investing time in it. It will give you happiness. And who knows it becomes your passion one day. Women start many home-grown businesses such as homemade food, cakes, handmade cards, gifts, and even personalized soaps. You can turn any hobby into a business. Even if you don’t want to do it for money, a dream will motivate you to get up each day with a smile.

You will observe some change in your personality. A person who has a motive is never lazy. Confidence is an additional benefit. When you achieve little steps towards your dream, you feel happy.

To summarize, you get happiness, confidence, self-esteem, and a purpose to sail in life. You will get rid of depression, boredom, and laziness.

So, Why shouldn’t you have it? Let me know what is your dream in the comments below.




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